Zelscope 1.05

Zelscope is a spectrum analyzer that provides real-time waveforms

Zelscope emulates a low-frequency oscilloscope, as well as a spectrum analyzer. It is an extremely small-sized application, yet it provides quite a lot of features. Zeloscope is very useful for professionals as it will help them perform all kind of physics experiments. Also, if you need to tune music instruments or adjust audio circuits you can use this program.

Zelscope displays real-time waveforms for every input sound. It provides tracing modes like single, dual or XY. The spectrum analyzer integrated in this program can be set for the waveform amplitude or for its phase. As I previously mentioned, Zelscope comes as a small-sized program. Moreover, its system requirements are very low. It will work perfectly even with 64MB of RAM available.

All the data provided by this program can be saved in various formats. RAW data can be exported to WAV format. Also, various sound parameters can be saved as a text tile. In addition to this, users have the possibility to print various graphs and waveform directly from the interface of the program.

Zelscope is not a well-known application and requires additional physics knowledge in order to use it. But professionals in various fields will find it very efficient.

Margie Smeer
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  • Provides a lot of tools
  • Large number of settings


  • Requires additional knowledge
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